Playing Scratch-Offs

Most people know what scratch off lottery tickets are. They may be called instant lottery tickets in your region, instead. They are a simple card on which small games are played but you can walk away with winning five, ten, or even thousands of dollars. There are many people who play these just because they are fun to play, not ever believing they could win at them. Nevertheless, there are others who plan strategies just like they would in a traditional or online casino. Can you win more often with scratch offs?

There are many things to think about when playing these types of games. First, it is about luck. There is no 100 percent method that is going to work every time to help you to win at the game. But, you may find that you win more often at scratch offs then you win in traditional lottery and even sometimes when you consider traditional lottery games.

You should always try out different types of scratch cards too. There are many companies that offer scratch cards, and although their general prize structure will be fairly similar, you may find that one particular card often wins more than the others. It would be prudent of you to record which cards you try, and the winnings from each one. If you compile a spreadsheet of this you may see a positive trend towards one particular card over the others.

There are different values of scratch cards too. The most common ones sell for $1 each, and these will usually offer a main prize of up to $1,000 to $5,000. Then you can buy scratch cards that cost $2, $5 and $10, and you will sometimes find some bigger $100 scratch cards too in some of the bigger online casinos, although these are quite rare. The value of the prizes will go up depending on the cost of the tickets too, so you can expect to see some very large top prizes available for the more expensive scratch cards.

Play it safe

But you should not be lured in by the dreams of hitting the ‘big one’. If you want to win regularly when playing the scratch cards, then you are going to be better off playing the lower priced $1 and $2 cards. As mentioned previously, you need to be very disciplined and allocate a certain amount of your winnings to reinvest back into more card purchases. You will discover the ideal structure for this through experience, and build up the right system for you.

Why play the lower priced cards? It's quite simple really - you will have more chance of winning something, overall, even if the payouts are larger with the more expensive cards.